The HSD ES350 is a high speed router spindle capable of cutting speeds of 36000rpm. The spindle is available with positional and speed feedback for closed loop running.

This spindle is rated 6.5kw continuous and 8KW at S6 duty cycle. We have used this spindle in robotic routing applications and in CNC Routing on composites and plastics.

Power S1/S6 6,5Kw/8Kw
Tool clamping with pneumatic piston
Long Nose
Rated Voltage 380V
4 Poles
Bearings Front Ceramic
Bearings Rear Ceramic
Bearings Long Life lubricated
Max Rpm 36.000
Spindle Body Aluminium Alloy
Liquid cooled

We also supply chiller units for liquid cooling systems.

HSD ES330 spindle

ES330 spindle
Automatic tool clamping

HSD ES929 Spindle

HSD ES929 Router spindle

We can rebuild your existing HSD ES929 Spindle or supply new replacements from stock.


2 pole and 4 pole variants available. Spindle used for heavy duty routing of wood plastics and composites ,CNC Robotic applications, 5 axis applications, patternmaking and modelmaking.


H6161H0817 Power S1/S6 12Kw/14Kw Tool locking –  Automatic with pneumatic piston Short or long Nose Rated Voltage 380V Poles 4 Bearings Front Ceramic Bearings Rear Ceramic Bearings Long Life lubricated Max Rpm 24000,00 Weight 26,00Kg Spindle Body Aluminium Alloy Cooling Liquid or forced air option